{ the wine crate. }

Hi everyone, I hope this week is going well for you! I wanted to post about a little project that we did a few weeks back. Last month my husband and I had the pleasure of going to a vintage market that was held at a big red barn located in Cochrane, just Northwest of Calgary. We had tons of fun wandering around, and while we were there we picked up a few things, among which was this fantastic crate! This has to be one of the coolest things I have come across by far..


When we saw it, we weren’t sure if it was even for sale, as it was part of a shop’s display (this seems to be where I find most items that I want). It was a very rickety thing made out of old boxes and other random pieces of wood. The girl at the shop had found it in an old barn years ago. The “lid” wasn’t attached, and it was pretty shabby looking. We negotiated a fair price (ended up being around $50) and decided to take it home, give it some love, and turn it into a wine chest! We’ve been needing storage for wine for quite some time. As mentioned in my profile, I am a bit of a wine enthusiast, and my husband really enjoys it as well, so we seem to collect bottles most places we go.

To attach the lid and make it functioning, we took a trip to Lee Valley – a popular hardware, etc. store which is well-loved by my Father-in-Law. We bought some beautiful hinges and found screws to match the hinge color. You can see the hinge style here..


Because it was so rickety, my father-in-Law assisted us in adding a few extra screws and staples around the sides to make sure it would be nice and sturdy. After we cleaned out the crate, we leveled it up and attached the hinges, and volia! This wine chest was as good as new. I love the character you can see in it. Not to mention this awesome shredded whole wheat box which was mounted upside down..


This was a pretty simple project, which is just fine in my books! This crate is so beautifully unique, and now houses a few of my favorite things. Here’s a couple more photos for you..



I hope you enjoyed checking out my new wine chest. I am currently enjoying a chilled glass of Pinot Gris that I chose out of it earlier this evening. Cheers everyone!

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage

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