{ bringing greenery to the “man cave”. }

Hey friends! I haven’t posted in awhile, so I thought I would share with you a fun little idea. The other day I was searching for a vase or jug that could house some greenery I had purchased to get ready for the winter/Christmas season. It seemed that all of the ones I have that I like were already in use some place in the house… So I went over into our little office nook and looked around in a bit of storage we have there to see if I could find anything. I came across some old scotch sleeves, and scotch and bourbon bottles that my husband has tucked away in there. I found a sleeve that I thought best suited my current colour scheme and décor, threw the greenery in there, and instantly had a makeshift vase. When my husband saw what I had done a little while later, he was thrilled that I had taken something he finds to be so awesome and incorporated it into my décor (even if only temporarily).

When it comes to how our home looks décor and style-wise… let’s face it, I pretty much have full reign. Thankfully, Troy ends up loving and encouraging everything I put together because he and I have very similar style and tastes – so it works out great for us! Even so, my hubby has dreams of one day, when we have a bigger place, having a space of his own. A man cave, if you will (though he is more of a scotch-and-cigars man than a football-and-beer guy, so he wants to call it his “gentleman’s lounge”). I love the idea of him being able to have a space that really reflects him, that he can bring his friends into, or to go read a book in a peaceful place that he feels is his. I often see things in stores and catalogues that he would love, and get excited about the day I can help him create that. However, because I appreciate the seasons and like to bring that into the home, I would love to still be able to go into his space and add seasonal foliage that works in his lounge. So after I found those old bottles and sleeves I thought it would be the perfect way in the future to incorporate some festive touches into my man’s space, while keeping it super “manly”. Take a look!


Here is the scotch sleeve I’ve been using for a bit of my greenery on the table (Troy’s current scotch of choice). The colors work well, and the text isn’t over-stated, so I am actually liking how it looks. In a gentleman’s lounge (hehe), or a traditional “man cave”, this would work so well to keep the space seasonally cohesive with the rest of the home. Try using some bottles for a different look or for another part of the room..

IMG_1433   IMG_1431-001

I also tried out one of the bourbon bottles that I thought looked classy.


This look is actually growing on me! Haha. Anyways, I thought this was an idea I just had to share for others who are looking to add some seasonal touches to their hubby’s man cave, or for those who are trying to incorporate a bit more of “him” in their home as well. You could also get creative and try using old beer bottles or jugs if your that’s something your guy is partial to.

Thanks for checking out this post! I hope you feel inspired.

–Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage




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