{ a wintery home. }

Today I want to give you a little sneak peek of how our home is set up for winter. During this season I like pinecones, greenery and all things rustic. I tend to move towards a real cabin feel for my winter decor. Usually, I first decorate for winter sometime in November, and then add in Christmas touches at the beginning of December. That just seems to be how I like to do things around here! We have Thanksgiving mid-October up here in Canada, which is nice because I don’t feel like I want to move on to winter decorating when it should still be Thanksgiving/fall. Basically once the snow falls, I feel I can change it up! Without further ado, let me show you a few things we have set up for winter in our cozy little place.

. . .

IMG_1489-001   IMG_1488-001

Here is the wreath I have this year for our doorway. I love the greenery, little pops of red berries, and of course the pinecones! There are some little rustic bells that adds just the slightest country touch. I’ve never had a wintery wreath with the snow-covered effect before, so I’m liking that too! I picked this up at Home Sense this year and got a really good deal because some of the branches had fallen off and it was looking a little homely, so I just re-attached the branches and spruced it up a bit so it would be good as new!

IMG_1386-003  IMG_1393-001

Here’s what I have on either end of our TV stand/entertainment unit. I hope to one day change up this area so we have something less…well, black. Haha. This unit is actually one we are borrowing, and though it has served us well in our time here, it’s not really meshing with the rest of our décor, though I am of course thankful for the use we have gotten out of it! Anyways, I keep this area fairly simple and neutral for winter. For Christmas I will add in a few pops of colour (which you’ll see soon!).


Beside our big couch I decided to use this old crate we have to house some greenery and pinecones for a nice wintery feel.


For some seasons (like fall to winter), I like to have a few things that can be carried through both seasons because of our limited storage options, as well as limited space to move things around in the condo. I thought these birch branches and the cozy throw were just fine for both fall and winter, as you can see from my previous posts they’ve been stationed here for a little while. So for this corner I have just switched out the pillow to this one that has a friendly elk on it. Troy and I now affectionately refer to him as Sarg.

IMG_1453-001  IMG_1450-002

Last, but not least, here is one of my most favorite pieces. This is an old well-bucket that we found from a lady who is a collector, I have talked about her in many previous posts. I’ve finally found out that her specific shop/business is called Red Barn Mercantile, located out of Okotoks, AB. I have put a bit of burlap to fill up the base of the bucket and then put in some pinecones. Can you tell that I love pinecones? This is sitting beside our corner fireplace.

. . .

Thanks so much for taking a look at some of my winter décor. As previously mentioned, I tend to add in some more festive Christmas touches once December hits and we have put our tree up. My hubby and I have scheduled to trim the tree next weekend, so you have a few Christmas-y posts to look forward to throughout this next month! Stay tuned.

– – Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage

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