{ classic Christmas wrapping. }

Hey all, I just wanted to make a quick little post today to show you how I’ve been wrapping my gifts for Christmas this year. Though the reason for the season is not just about gift exchanges, I do find joy in presenting beautifully wrapped parcels to my family members and watching with excitement as they open them up.

This is super simple to do, and your gifts will look very elegant while waiting under the tree to be opened by whomever may be waiting in eager anticipation for them.

If you have any other beautiful wrapping suggestions, feel free to comment below! I always love new ideas, as well as feedback.

IMG_1850-001Here is your list of materials:

1) plain brown kraft paper

2) twine (you can use regular raffia as well if you prefer)

3) a couple branches of fresh greenery of your choice (I picked up a bundle at my closest grocery store, Sobeys, this year)

4) natural pinecones (I usually find bags of them at Michaels)

5) a hot glue gun

IMG_1866-002  IMG_1851-003

Now, complete these steps:

1) Wrap up your gifts in the kraft paper

2) Use your twine (or raffia) in place of ribbon that you’d normally wrap around the gift. I tie mine in a simple little bow on top.

3) Plug in your hot glue gun to heat it up while you choose which branches of greenery and pinecones you want to use for the designated gift.

4) Apply a little dot of hot glue to the end of the greenery you are using and adhere it to the gift (continue for each branch you use).

5) Put some glue on the bottom of each pinecone, and stick those on at the centre of the gift.

6)  Let it dry for a couple minutes, and voila! Your Christmas gift is finished and looking lovely.


Thanks so much for stopping by everyone. I hope that you all have a wonderfully joyous Christmas, filled with time spent with family and loved ones.

– – Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage


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