{ neutral fall mantle. }

Well friends, it’s that time of year. The time filled with crisp air, changing leaves and cozy sweaters. I absolutely love fall, don’t you? After a 7 month blogging hiatus, I am back with a post for ya’ll. Sorry that I have been quiet for so long, but that’s what not having your own house for new projects, paired with not having a functioning computer, will do. I am excited to share with you my fall mantle for this year. I used a couple of the same pieces as I did for last year’s mantle, but I really changed it up aside from that. I tend to try and use what I already have on hand for my seasonal decor, and then maybe mix in a couple of new finds if I happen across something I love. I am looking forward to seeing what you think!


I used two crates that I ordered from Magnolia Market, paired with a frame my Father-in-Law made, to create a form of back drop on our mantle. Since we have a corner fireplace, I find using some bigger items as a base layer helps to fill in all that empty space at the back, without overcrowding or cluttering it up. I just love the farmhouse, and slight industrial, style that the crates bring to the space, as that is the sort of look I’m typically attempting to create throughout our home.


I used some branches I found in a park near our home last year for some fall-coloured foliage that would bring in some more natural elements. I also tend to use these candle holders throughout the seasons, as I love the wood elements and think they create some nice interest for the eye with their differing heights.


Here’s a cute little vintage jar filled with some acorns for another natural, and definitely fall-themed, touch.


These little grapevine pumpkins are from Michaels from a few years ago. I also love having this ladder here with some extra cozy blankets on it to keep warm.


One of my favourite ways to spend my mornings after a run outside in the cool air, is cuddled up on my couch next to my fireplace with a homemade pumpkin spice latte.



Has everyone else started decorating for fall yet? I have to confess, I have had my fall stuff up since the last week of August! I know for some people that’s totally jumping the gun, but when it’s your favourite season you tend to get a little over-excited, am I right? Anyways, let me know what you think of my mantle this year if you have a moment!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage

3 thoughts on “{ neutral fall mantle. }

  1. Hi Rachel it’s good to see you are writing again. You are so good at it. I’m always interested seeing what you are doing and how (2things) you put items so well together in color and space composition. Secondly how good you are at photos. Two gifts that you possess. Keep decorating ! As a plaque hanging in our house reads ” bloom where you are planted” and I see you do that in your condo with your decor. Well done!

    Dad P

    Regards, Brad Pachal Builder One Projects Cell 403.796.8035


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