{ new simple wall collage. }

Fall continues to be in the air in Calgary, AB. We had lovely weather this Saturday, which was perfect for a little day trip my husband and I took to Cochrane to check out an annual vintage market held there. But now it’s Tuesday, and we’re back to a chilly, rainy couple of days. So I am cuddled up inside on my couch with my cozy cable knit throw, sipping a cup of hot chocolate and writing this post. I recently purchased a few items from Magnolia Market, one of them was their signature “Grow Old” sign, which I absolutely love. When deciding where to put it in our home, I thought the bedroom would be perfect as a daily reminder to hold gratitude in my heart, and that “the best is yet to be” while living life with my best friend by my side. It’s such a sweet quote as well!


This is hung on the wall near the foot of our bed. I really wanted to draw attention to this sign, so I decided to hang it within a simple little wall collage. I picked up this aged looking frame from Michaels awhile back and put one of my favourite wedding photos inside. Then I searched my storage for this cute little shadow box with some keys in it that I had lying around for awhile, and voila!


I love how this collage adds to our room. The neutral colours really fit (is there ever anything but neutral going on at our place? haha). And it adds something fun to the otherwise bare wall.


We hung the sign with some heavy duty galvanized bolts we picked up at Lowe’s. The holes to hang it are so large that I didn’t want some little regular nails or screws, as I thought it would look funny. I like how these fit with the metal of the sign!


I hope you like my new little addition to our bedroom wall! Have a lovely rest of your day, and try to stay warm in this crisp autumn weather.

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage

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