{ cozy cottage christmas home tour, part one: bedroom, kitchen & table }

Hello everyone. I am so excited that I am finally all ready to show you my home for Christmas this year! I love rustic for Christmas and winter time, so I decided to give our home a cottage/cabin feel for the season (hence my title being “Cozy Cottage Christmas”). I had a lot of fun setting everything up in new ways, and experimenting with different textures, to achieve a look that feels so warm, cozy and festive. I have decided to split my tour up into two posts, since I took
so many photos. So, stay tuned for part two in the next day or so!

To start things off, I thought I would show you my entryway industrial table with it’s Christmas touches. Like usual with my seasonal decorating, I tend to try and use a lot of things that I already have and just arrange them in different ways than years previous. So, the only thing that is ‘new’ on this table is the fresh tree and greenery!


We were out at Sibbald Flats in Alberta (west of Calgary) with Troy’s work friends this weekend, and while there gathered a lot of fresh greenery so I could use it in my decorating and gift wrapping. We already have a great artificial tree (which you’ll see in my next post), but I couldn’t resist getting this baby tree for the table!


I did use those little reindeer last year. They were picked up from The Bay along with the sleigh. My lantern and vintage mason jars are from Red Barn Mercantile in Okotoks. The pinecones are from Michaels, and the wire baskets are from a vintage shop on Etsy.



I love using natural textures like the pinecones and greenery to really bring the feel of the season indoors.


Next, we can go over to my kitchen. So.. it’s a tiny space, and there isn’t enough storage so that I can make my counters purely pretty, haha. I honestly don’t really ‘seasonalize’ the kitchen other than soap and candles. So I usually just set up above the cabinets, which is what I am showing you today! Also similar to last year with my greenery and little soft white lights.




I’m a fan of this little Noel sign I picked up from Canadian Tire years ago. I use it every Christmas.


Okay, that’s all for the kitchen area. Now, on to my favourite space for this half of the tour, the bedroom!


I had so much fun dressing up my old window with these fresh cedar branches, and plaid ribbon and bells for that cabin feel.


To fasten these branches, I just used pieces of twine and tied them around the window with the branch. Then I added in extra cedar branches to hide the twine and create a fuller look. Believe it or not, those little pinecones are actually on the branches (I didn’t add them)! How perfect. I was so excited when my husband found these ones.


It’s so nice having these little lights on at night. Who says lights are only for the tree or outside of the house? Might as well be festive in every room possible!


The wood cake stand/serving tray I am currently using for decor on my side table is from Chapters/Indigo.


Because everyone uses this sort of set up with their coffee on a regular basis… right? Haha, but I couldn’t resist with the fresh greenery and pinecones.


Well, that is all for today! You made it through part one of my Christmas home tour. I would love to know what you thought if you feel like commenting. As I mentioned, in the next day or so I will be sharing part two, which includes my living room with my Christmas tree, and my mantle set up. I also did a little decor near my front door that is something I haven’t done before!

Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage


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