Hi friends. I hope you have had a great March so far! My month has been quite full. The kind of full that comes from seeing a lot of friends and spending time with family, (and perhaps having more random appointments than usual too, haha). It has been so great to connect with so many people lately. And it’s still going!

I wanted to come and post on this Good Friday to share a few spring-looking photos from our main living space and bedroom, and also to talk about how I sometimes struggle to find something to blog about! As most of you know by now, my husband and I live in a rental, so there aren’t any changes we can make to the place besides decor or furniture. I’m also not the kind of person who is always crafting and creating something, not at this point at least. My main focus is decor. So if I haven’t changed up my seasonal decorating in awhile, and haven’t done a DIY project in a bit, I sit here going “I need to post something! I haven’t posted in like 3 weeks! But, what do I post about?!?!” Haha. Maybe I am being a bit too honest with you all right now, but that has been my dilemma more times than I care to share. Let me know if you are able to relate! Hopefully other bloggers who share similar feelings/struggles will find comfort in knowing that none of us really have it all together.

With that being said, I feel so encouraged by the support I receive from so many people in this community. It is so great to chat daily with others who are on this home decor blogging journey, and I feel so thankful for the new friends I have made! Thank you to everyone; other bloggers/instagrammers, and especially my friends and family for cheering me on.

Though I haven’t done a formal “spring home tour,” as you know I do always love to change up our home for the seasons. Here are a few photos from around our place lately. My instagram friends may have seen just a couple of them already (forgive me), but I wanted to share them with everyone else as well.


I don’t often show a more full shot of our living room, but here is our cozy couch that we snuggle up on in the evenings.


I have been having fun with different soft colours of tulips this season as well. Right this second they are all white, but last week I snapped this photo when I had some pink in the mix.


I also just recently did a quick change up of our mantle. It feels so fresh and like springtime in here with all the white and green.


That also shows you what the view is on the other side of the coffee table.




Here’s a view of almost the whole couch. It is a massive one. Like, when the pillows are moved Troy and I can lay side by side comfortably… and if we had people all lined up right next to each other we could probably fit 8 or so people on it. I know there is a thing about choosing a couch to fit the space properly, but this big one makes our whole living room so cozy. And with a lack of other areas to have chairs, etc. it allows us to have a lot of seating.


And turning around the other way, here is a chair we have from Troy’s bachelor days, but when styled properly I think it has that modern farmhouse feel to it!



Now for just a couple of photos of our bedroom to give you an update..


Some of you may recognize the ikea bedding. I love how it reminds me a bit of grain sacks, but a cleaner version. (Please excuse the wrinkles I couldn’t get out of the duvet cover.. hehe).


This little vignette is sitting on top of a dresser that’s in the other corner of our bedroom..


Here is a chair we have in the corner of the bedroom, it’s one of my favourite pieces I have picked up to date! I scored it at Winners.



I just love having all of the white in here. It’s nice to walk into an airy space. And at night it still feels so cozy.


It was so nice to come and share today with you all. Thank you for listening to me ramble about my occasional (or maybe often) lack of blogging ideas! I have been wanting to share a bit more of myself with you this year, which includes those things that go on in my heart and mind. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

A couple more pics of the living room just because…




I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easer weekend. I am so thankful for this life that I get to live, all because of who Jesus is and the sacrifice he made for me. I am praying that you are able to gather with those you care for and rest in His everlasting grace and abundance.
I hope to update you all again soon! Thanks for stopping by today.

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage

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