Hi, friends. I hope everyone has had a great week so far. Troy and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on Wednesday, so it has been a fun couple of days for us. I am so looking forward to the weekend too (as always)!
I have a bit of a different post today, and I am really excited about sharing it with you! If you have been following my blog or instagram for awhile, you know that Troy and I live in a small apartment that we are currently just renting. This often leaves me wanting when it comes to being able to share photos of other areas in a home, rather than the same one room or bedroom that I do now. So, I thought it would be fun to expand my blog a bit and occasionally share spaces in other homes that I find to be beautiful or creative!
In our condo, we have a very small kitchen that is just not a delight at all to try and photograph. However, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law have a glorious white kitchen in their home that I was so excited to be able to stage and take some pictures of last week. It was difficult for me to choose which photos to share out of the hundreds that I took, but I am almost certain no one will mind having a lot of this room to look at!


Isn’t it pretty?! What made this especially fun for me was bringing some items I picked out of my own collection of decor, and staging the space. I have been interested to see what I could do in a home beyond my own, as I haven’t ventured into doing that sort of thing quite yet, aside from just verbally giving friends ideas when I am asked. So, this was a way to challenge myself and try to start expanding my skill set for decor and home photography – in walking into a place I haven’t set up before. Thankfully, my family was okay with me moving around their things a bit, and doing this in their home!



My brother-in-law is a finish carpenter and cabinet builder. It’s cool that they made this kitchen completely custom for them! Including that wood range hood, which he crafted and stained (I honestly don’t even know how it’s possible to create that!).


Also, don’t you love the white tile that goes all the way up under the range hood and wraps around the window by the kitchen sink? This is one of my favourite looks in a kitchen that adds so much more elegance, rather than stopping the tile at bar height/half way up. I’m not sure the proper name for this tile, but I would call it oversized subway tile if I were to make up my own name for it.


The dark hardware goes so nicely against the white cabinetry, and really compliments the granite and tile as well. And having a sink by a big bay window like this is a kitchen dream of mine.




The ceiling height cabinets add to that elegance here, especially with the molding they are finished with. Also, notice how the molding style matches the finish at the top of the range hood. My brother-in-law (as well as his and my husband’s dad) is known for that sort of attention to detail. I like to think I have a decent eye when it comes to attention to detail, but I don’t know that I would have even thought of that!





I didn’t get the entire island in the photos, but looking back, I should have! I am just such a sucker for white cabinets, so I think I was a bit over-focussed on that part, haha. However, you can see how the wood stain there matches the range perfectly. This really ties the whole space together in my opinion!



I think overall my brother-in-law would describe their home/kitchen style as craftsman or arts and crafts. A white kitchen always reminds me of a farmhouse, so I was excited to bring those elements in decor to style this space.




It was such a fun morning being able to photograph this beautiful bright, white kitchen. And knowing that my family crafted it completely themselves makes it so much more unique. I think letting me do something like this is basically the way to my heart, haha. Not to mention, I got to see my adorable almost 2 year old nephew once they got back from the zoo! How could it not be a fantastic day?
Thank you for coming on this little journey with me. I would love to know what you think of my family’s lovely kitchen, and I am sure they would too!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stopping by.

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage


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