Fall is my favourite time of year for so many reasons. The chill in the air that requires scarves and boots. The coziness one feels snuggled up under a warm blanket. The scent of falling leaves in the cool breeze. And perhaps my favourite, the ever changing trees as the colours turn from green to vibrant yellow, and to burnt oranges and reds. To me autumn really showcases the beauty in nature that the Lord has gifted to us, to bring joy to our hearts. And along with all of that, I get to change up my seasonal decor in our home!
This year I went a very different route than years previous when it comes to my fall colour scheme. I typically do very neutral colours with a lot of browns, and perhaps add in some touches of orange or red here and there (you can check out last year’s mantle here and other photos here). This season I have been loving the freshness found in a white and green colour palette. Basically I have turned our home into a little white pumpkin patch, and it’s making me so happy (it’s the little things, right?). I have also been striving throughout the year to keep my decor more simplistic, so the ease of this seasonal transition, coming out of summer, has been lovely.
I wanted to show you how I have things set up right now, and thought what better time to do that than the first official day of fall! I would love for you to grab a coffee or tea, get settled somewhere comfy, and come along with me on this little tour of our fall living space.


This coffee table set up was the result of a one minute late night episode of placing random white pumpkins and greenery on my tray from Magnolia, along with these thrifted candlesticks.


My husband said it looked great, so I took his word for it, and it has remained untouched since. Sometimes when setting up decor I can spend so much time trying to get things to look “just right” that I can make myself stressed out over it. I find that when I just whip something together, those looks often turn out to be some of my favourites. It’s a reminder to me to keep things fun and enjoyable, and to trust myself more!


Now onto our mantle. It was so fun setting up all these different pumpkins and fall greenery this year.


I picked up this old window while I was out antique shopping with a friend and decided it was the perfect backdrop for this display. It really keeps things clean and simple, while adding some interest to the area.



I like keeping the blanket ladder beside our fireplace, because 1 – there is not really anywhere else it can go in this little apartment of ours, haha, and 2 – I think it adds a coziness to the space that I really love.


I guess I forgot to mention that I have a lot of pictures of our mantle here. It was one of those times where I took so many photos that it was too hard for me to narrow it down – forgive me!



All of my pumpkins and greenery are from Michael’s this year. They were having major sales on them (think 50-60% off!), and I had a vision in my mind, so it worked out perfectly.




This little setup was so simple and easy for me to put together compared to other mantles I have done in the past, so I love it for that reason in itself, but I’m altogether enjoying the look of it in our home as well. I would love to hear what you think, too!



Okay, I think it’s safe to say we have covered the mantle, haha. Though, I do hope you enjoyed scrolling through! Thank you if you are still with me. Onto the rest of the room..


Over here is our cozy couch and side table. Continuing with the white pumpkin patch theme, I have this little pumpkin basket just hanging out.

IMG_5800 (5)-003.JPG

I fell in love with this autumn white pumpkin pillow by one of my favourite bloggers/artists, Lucy from Craftberry Bush. I grabbed it online when she was having a sale, and am so happy I did! It’s the perfect fall throw pillow for me this year.

IMG_5794 (4)-002.JPG


It was fun to add this glass jug with foliage to the side table, and this little cloche with a white candle on top of some books as well. I enjoy playing with different elements, levels and textures in my decor.


IMG_5812 (5)-002.JPG

Here’s one more peak at my cute little pumpkin basket..

IMG_5792 (5)-002.JPG

I have one last little area to show you. Over on our industrial table, I set up this little autumn vignette..



My “Happy Fall” sign is from City and the Sticks, and I picked up these cute little acorns from Winners this year.


Using a bit more greenery over here, along with the texture of this cozy throw blanket, really helped to tie this area into the rest of the room.



Well, you have come to the end of my cozy and fresh fall living area tour. If you made it here, I just want to say that I truly appreciate it! I absolutely love decorating, especially for the seasons, and having people encourage and support me in my home decor and this little blog of mine is so amazing, so thank you!
I have to be honest, now that all of the leaves have changed to yellows, oranges and reds outside, I’m already thinking up how to bring those elements inside and maybe change up my fall decor again! I know some of my friends and family will shake their heads at me a bit for that comment. I doubt my husband is surprised… We decorators sure are interesting people, haha.
I would love to know what you thought of my fall home, and what you have planned for your decor as well! Let me know if you have a moment and, as always, thanks for stopping by.

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage




  1. So beautiful Rachel! I absolutely love your little white pumpkin patch, and those acorns are adorable! You have such gorgeous style and I always love seeing all of your pretty photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Stephanie! Your words are so encouraging to me! I appreciate you taking the time to read along. You also have amazing style, and I am happy to have your support and encouragement in this journey! ❤️


  2. Beautiful. Not sure if I can even find pumpkins in the Philippines, but maybe even plastic ones could be painted. Have you ever thought of becoming an interior designer. You have a good eye!

    Liked by 1 person

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