Hi again, sweet friends. I hope you’re having a lovely week, and a great December so far. As always during this time of year, I am feeling so festive and ready for the holidays.
Today, I am happy to share our Christmas bedroom with you! It’s all cozy and dressed up for the season.
Part of why I love decorating, and why I put so much care into wanting to set up our house in a beautiful manner, is that I feel our homes should be a safe haven, and a place we find rest and retreat. It is so important to me that myself and my husband feel truly at home where we live, and that is why I just love to create a lovely and peaceful space. This is what I began pondering when thinking of bedroom decorating, as those are our primary places of rest! So, I thought what better time to chat about that than our Christmas bedroom tour this year.

I appreciate consistency in my decorating, so I have carried the same decor theme from our main living space, which you can see in my Holiday Home Tour here, into our bedroom. The white and neutral layers with a hint of black, along with the traditional silver and gold colours, add a festive holiday touch while still being understated and calming. There is also real cedar hanging in places, which brings in that fresh, wintery feel to the room.
I hope you can grab a cup of something warm and stay awhile..



IMG_2510-001 (2)-002.jpg

Having this fresh cedar hanging from an old window frame is one of my favourite parts of the room this year. I used cedar branches I found at Lowes, clipped sections that I liked and tied them around the top of the frame with twine. Once I topped it with a bow, it was good to hang up! You can see last year’s bedroom here, where I used pine branches on the window.

IMG_2516 (2)-001-002.jpg

IMG_2624-001 (2)-002.jpg


IMG_2630-001 (2)-002.jpg

I love having these twinkly lights over our headboard during Christmas. It adds such a cozy feel to the room.

IMG_2522 (2)-002.JPG

IMG_2536 (2)-002-002.jpg

My husband bought me this super cozy knit throw from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago for my birthday. It is hands down my favourite blanket I own (and we home decorators own a lot of throw blankets, am I right?).

IMG_2574-001 (2)-002.jpg

IMG_2612 (2)-002.jpg


IMG_2632 (2)-001-002.jpg


IMG_2547 (4)-002-002.jpg

Isn’t this little mini rocking horse cute? I found him at Home Sense. I tied a bow around him to add to the festive feel in this corner.

IMG_2550-001 (2)-003.jpg

IMG_2541 (3)-003-003.jpg


IMG_2607 (3)-002.jpg

IMG_2709 (2)-1-004.jpg

IMG_2730 (2)-001.JPG

IMG_2717-001 (2)-002.jpg


I found these beautiful sleigh bells at Michaels this year. I was originally looking for some vintage gold/brass ones, but those prove to be difficult to find. When I came across these I knew they would look lovely in the room! If you want some similar, you can find them here. This grow old sign is from Magnolia.


IMG_2728 (2)-002.JPG

IMG_2752 (2)-002.JPG

IMG_2754 (2)-002.JPG


IMG_2476 (3)-001.JPG

IMG_2485 (2)-002.JPG

I’ve had so much fun wrapping gifts this year. You can see more in part one of my Holiday Home Tour here. The black and white is such a classic combo, and with the neutral ribbons and bells, I am loving it!


IMG_2644 (2)-002.JPG

IMG_2525 (3)-002.jpg

I love the black and white gingham ribbon as well. You can find some like it here.

IMG_2585 (2)-001.JPG

IMG_2588 (2)-001.JPG

I truly feel the holidays are a gift in my life every year. It is my favourite time for so many reasons, and fills me with so much joy. Gifts during this time of year are symbolic for both that reason, and the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ that we have been given out of love and grace.


I hope you enjoyed our holiday bedroom tour this year, and perhaps even found some inspiration for your own home decorating. I would love to hear what you thought of it if you have a moment, and also how you have your bedroom set up for this season!

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away now- it’s almost hard to believe it! I just want to say that I am so, so thankful for each and every one of you who chooses to read or follow my blog. It is such an encouragement, and truly a gift to me that you support me in this little journey of mine to share our home decor and design, and the fulfilment that I find in it. I will be praying for all of you in this coming season, that you are able to spend time with those you love, and that you are filled with peace, joy and gratitude during these holidays.

Thanks so much for stopping by,




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