Hi, friends. Can you believe that Christmas is in just a few days?! 5 sleeps, to be exact. I am so beyond excited. This past weekend we spent some time baking, watching a couple of Christmas movies, and planning a bit of what our time over the holidays will look like with friends and family. My heart is so full.

The last couple of years I have done blog posts on my gift wrapping ideas (here is 2015’s post and 2014’s post). Wrapping Christmas gifts is one of my favourite things, and I have so much fun sharing my gift wrap style with those who choose to read along. However, this year I have been a lot busier than usual, and I haven’t quite gotten around to taking the type of photos I had been planning specifically for a gift wrapping post in time!
It turns out that I actually ended up having a decent amount of gift photos from my home tours earlier in the month – my living space tour is here, and bedroom tour is here. So, because I want to be more present this season (no pun intended) and not drive myself completely crazy with getting more pictures styled and taken, I decided I would re-share some of those photos, along with a couple of new photos I managed to snap, and just go into more detail on how I wrapped the gifts.
If you’re among the camp who has yet to finish wrapping, I hope you are able to find some ideas within this for your own presents.


I used neutrals and traditional silvers and golds for my Christmas colour scheme this year, while also integrating in some black and white, so I wanted to carry the same colours through into my wrapping. These are gifts I wrapped for my husband just the other day, and ended up being one of my favourite combos.  I used brown kraft paper, and black and white striped ribbon from Michaels (you can find a similar one here). I added on sprigs of cedar and mini silver ornaments to make them fresh and festive.



IMG_2805 (2)-001.JPG

As you can see, I mostly just did different variations on the same colour scheme for all of my gifts. For many, I used a burlap garland wrapped around (found here), and also alternated different types of neutral or black and white ribbons, most of which I found at Michaels.
I found the black and white polka dot wrapping paper at IKEA, and I love it!

IMG_2872 (2)-002.JPG

You can also find similar white kraft wrapping paper here.

IMG_2821 (2)-003.JPG


IMG_2588 (2)-001.JPG

This is probably one of my favourite ribbons this year. I just love the black and white gingham look. Here is a ribbon like it.
I also enjoyed using these silver bells on many gifts. You can find similar ones here.


IMG_2485 (2)-002.JPG


I just love this colour scheme, I find it so classic.


And finally, seeing the gifts all tucked beneath the tree is so exciting for me. Giving gifts fills my heart up.

IMG_2953 (2)-002.JPG

IMG_2960 (2)-002.JPG


IMG_2946 (2)-002.JPG

Well, that’s it! All of my gifts are sitting nicely wrapped under the tree, and I can’t wait until they are opened.
I hope you were able to find some inspiration for your Christmas wrapping this year. I would also love to see how you wrapped your presents if you have already, so feel free to let me know!

Though this time of year we often tend to get wrapped up in material gifts, it is important to remember the greatest gift of all that we have been given in Christ. His yolk is easy and His burden is light, and wherever you are at this holiday season, I pray that truth finds you and brings you peace.

Have an absolutely wonderful Christmas, my friends, and thanks for stopping by.


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