Hi, sweet friends. Well, we are beginning to emerge from of the darkness of winter, and our days are slowly getting longer again, bringing a bit more sunshine to our lives. Though I do enjoy the sun, I have to be honest and let you know that I may be a bit of an anomaly with how much I love cloudy, overcast days. Basically, I want some sun to take my interior home photos, but aside from that I am fine with the clouds. And though a nice sunny, summer drive in the countryside with my guy is so much fun and something I love, give me the rain and the gloominess any day, to cozy up inside with a candle lit and a book in my hand, sipping on some tea (or perhaps a glass of red wine in the evening, let’s be honest), and I will be so content. I feel those overcast weekend days where we can just snuggle up invokes a feeling of warmth and romance, and I’m sure is largely part of why I love them.
Around a year ago I learned about the Danish tradition of Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gha”), and how they encourage you to embrace coziness and enjoyment within your home and lifestyle. I just feel it exemplifies so much of the posture of living that I hope for in our home, so for me overcast days where I can stay cozy flows perfectly with that theme. I also feel it can bring with it a sense of love and even romance. If you look into Hygge for yourself, I am sure it will have you craving warmth, comfort and enjoyment.

Over the past few days I have been putting together some simple Valentine’s Day touches in our home. I wanted to convey a look of romance, without using the traditional bright pinks and reds that the holiday typically comes with. So, I made a couple very simple crafts and also changed some things around, and I thought I would show you a look at my romantic valentine’s home.





This was really simple to do. I found some heart doilies at Michaels, and just used some raffia to tie one to a glass cloche. I thought the lacey looking heart was a subtle romantic touch, and it looks so cute with a votive lit beside it as well.




I thought these scrolls made from old sheet music and book pages were another little romantic item. They made me think of letters written back and forth between loved ones.




I wanted to incorporate the feel of Valentine’s Day into the rest of the room as well, so I thought I would add some themed throw pillows to our couch. My sweet friend Robyn (@robyns_frenshnest on Instagram) sent me this “i love us” pillow cover last spring, and I thought it would be perfect for the occasion. I found this dusty rose lace pillow from HomeSense, and thought it would also fit well. I love how the pink tone ties in with the flowers on the mantle.






I found both this white wooden plaque (I think you would call it) at Michaels, as well as this “love” lettering, and thought they would go perfectly together. I simply hot glued the word to the backing, and it was finished. A super easy Valentine’s craft you could do, too! This specific white wood plaque also has a twine rope on the back, so it could be hung on a wall as a different way to display it.


I also love these pretty florals. The milk glass vase they sit in actually came with a real floral arrangement my sweet husband got me a couple of years ago. Though these flowers are faux, the pale pinks, whites and the muted green leaves added the perfect hint of romance to my mantle display.



I thought the colouring of these wood candle holders, the kraft paper wrapped book, “love” sign, and my scrolls & the cloche on the coffee table all tied together so well, along with the subtle pink in both my florals and my rose coloured pillow, to complete a nice little Valentine’s themed area in my home. I hope you think so, too!





Well, I hope you enjoyed my subtle romantic Valentine’s home decorating. It was so fun to put something together this year.
I know that my husband made an advance dinner reservation for us a couple of weeks ago for Valentine’s, but he is being flexible, as I may end up working at an event for a ministry I am part of that evening. We will just have to see what God has in store! I would love to hear if you have any plans for the occasion, so feel free to let me know in the comments, or to even tell me know how you have added some romantic touches to your home for Feb. 14th.

As always, thanks for stopping by!





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