Hi, friends! Even though up here, where I am in Canada, we still have feet of snow and chilly weather, the time has come where I am so ready for the freshness of spring. It is so nice to look ahead to a new season, and all that it may bring.
This year, I have teamed up with a group of talented bloggers to bring you our Joyful Spring Home Tours for 2017. I am so excited to share this with you, as there is so much inspiration to be found. Everyone’s home is unique to their style and family, and we are all eager to show you how we bring in the season of spring to our everyday lives.
For myself, I have really been craving a more simple style in my decor this year. As always, I opted to stick with neutrals for my foundation, and then add in seasonal greens and blooms to bring in that springtime feel, while maintaining a sense of minimalism and simplicity. I would love for you to get comfy, come on into my home and stay awhile, while enjoying my Spring Home Tour for this year.



For my mantle decor, I decided to use this large white antique window as my backdrop. I thought it was subtle, but would add some more interest to the space. I then gathered a bunch of black hardcover books from our bookshelf, and a few from a thrift store, to create some varying heights for my vases full of florals.




These arrangements are ones I created by finding different types of faux stems in the floral section of Michaels. I thought the white peonies and ranunculus, and bright greens, brought in a fresh spring feel to this area.






This coffee table tray is one of my favourite decor items that I got from Magnolia a couple of years ago.





The fresh eucalyptus  I have here in this white vase has the most lovely scent that I get a whiff of every time I pass our coffee table. It’s both earthy, and a little floral, and just feels perfect for the season.



Cruising on over to this side of our living room is our big comfy couch all refreshed for spring.



I didn’t have a budget this season for new throw pillows, which is fine, but if I did I would have chosen some white and black mudcloth pillows that are more on the subtle side, rather than the bold ones some people rock (I have to dip my toes into much that is patterned and not the typical neutral style, haha). Instead, I stayed with these black and white herringbone pillows you have maybe seen before, and some plain white pillows.


The light grey blanket you see, however, is a new find! From none other than (you guessed it) HomeSense. My woven basket is an Ikea score from this season.




These clippings are salal leaves I picked up on a whim from a florist the other day. Very simple, but I like the freshness they add the my side table. Together they almost look like a little plant is growing there, without me having to actually attempt to keep something alive!



All the fresh greens around this room make my heart happy.





The last area for the tour this year is our bedroom. For this season, I decided to carry through the neutrals, little bits of black, and the bright greenery. I really wanted a freshness to this space that would have it echo the same feelings that spring evokes.




Both my pillow, and the dark throw blanket, were HomeSense finds this year. I’ve been leaning towards more of a modern feel lately, which is why I was drawn to these pieces.




The wall decor above the bed is from Winners (also could be found at HomeSense). I added some seeded eucalyptus I had dried earlier this year to my nightstand, as I really love greenery and floral pieces for spring.





IMG_0331 (2)-002.jpg


I carried through the modern vibe in this little corner of the room with this black geometric lantern (also a HomeSense find). That cute little vase with greenery is from Micheals!

IMG_0175-1 (3)-1-003.jpg

I also got to use an item from, my favourite, Magnolia in our room, which is the wood tray with vases of varying heights that you can spy over in the corner. It’s always tricky for me to know what to put over there, and I love the simple touch it adds.


Our bedroom has always been a bit of a work in progress for me, but I love where it has gotten to today. It is so nice and bright during the day, so it feels calm and relaxing, and at night it feels like a cozy retreat to curl up in.


IMG_0187-1 (4)-008.jpg

Well, that’s what I have for you as far as my spring home tour goes! I hope you enjoyed your time here. Be sure to also check out the rest of the homes on tour this week in the links below! You can also find more photos of our homes on Instagram, or find our board over here on Pinterest.

The birth of a new season, especially of spring, brings me back to the passage in Ecclesiastes, which begins, “For everything, there is a season…”
This is a truth I carry with me in my life, and I think why I always find the seasons have such a strong influence on my heart. They can symbolize so much. To me, spring represents renewal, refreshing, and new life, and that’s something that makes me feel hopeful and excited, and more full of joy. My prayer is that you can let these feelings blossom in your heart as well.

Thanks for stopping by today,


Tour Schedule

Monday March 13


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Tuesday March 14


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Wednesday March 15


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March 16


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 Joyful Spring Home Tour
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29 thoughts on “JOYFUL SPRING HOME TOUR – 2017

  1. Rachel, everything looks so fresh and beautiful! I just adore your home, and I am totally in love with your bedroom right now! So simply perfect! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rachel, I like the greenery you’ve added to your decor. It reminds me that Spring is a time of beginnings. I’m always excited to go out an poke around in the garden looking for the little green bumps. I know that these tiny bumps are only the beginning of a wonderful array of colours and fragrances. As the saying goes, “bloom where you are planted.” I strongly believe this saying not only refers to plants, but also each and everyone of us. Happy Spring– my favourite time of year.

    Liked by 1 person

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