Hi, sweet friends, and happy Monday!
Over this past weekend, my husband and I went all out with decking the halls for the upcoming Christmas season. Troy was very excited about being able to hang Christmas lights on the exterior for the first time, so while he worked outside doing that, I worked inside trimming our trees (yes, we have two trees this year! haha), and hanging garlands. We also watched Elf, as is a tradition of ours after putting up our Christmas tree.

Even though that is the case, I thought I would give you a look at our living room area as I had it set up through the autumn season, before it got all Christmas-ified, following us receiving our new couches! I know I touched on this a little bit in my last post about our mudroom, but I have been having so much fun setting up and decorating our new home. It has been really amazing, and a huge blessing, to be able to purchase some new furniture, and make the space really feel like ours. That has not been without a few tests of patience (waiting 12 weeks for our couches), however the end result has made it that much more special.

I desire to have our home feel bright and simple, as well as cozy and inviting, and I hope that is conveyed in these images of our living space.



I have chosen to keep our home very classic and fresh looking, which is why we opted to go with light grey couches, as well as a grey-toned rug. I personally like keeping the foundation of my decor neutral, so that it can remain timeless and flow with the rest of the decor in a room.



Mudcloth is my very favourite type of textile right now for throw pillows. I just feel that it is such a classic look that can easily transition from season to season.





These wood beads from my friend Allison at The Festive Farmhouse are one of my favourite decor accent pieces lately, so I had to sneak them into a couple of my photos. They are now currently being used as garland in one of my Christmas trees!


I think once we get some breezy white curtains up over here, it will complete the space so nicely.




This is a piece that shows how the stars were in the sky on the night that Troy proposed to me, from the coordinates in the place it occurred. It was so nice to be able to find artwork that holds sentimental value, but also works well with my clean, modern decor.



These new couches of ours are so comfortable and cozy, I could curl up on them with a book and stay all day long.




Well, that is our living room in our new home! I sincerely hope that you would feel cozy enough to sit and stay awhile upon entering this space. Let me know what you think, if you have a moment.

Though I am not immune to the Monday blues that can loom overhead on a day like today, I also like to look at the new week as a fresh opportunity to see where I can improve, and to find a sense of motivation to be productive. This is definitely not always an area where I excel, however I find it helpful to try and remember to ask myself how I can make this new week a good week for myself and my family. I am hoping to do that in the coming days! May your week be wonderful too, friends.

Thanks for stopping by!

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