Hi, friends!
We are less than a week out from most of you getting ready to host family for Easter dinners or brunches, so I wanted to pop on here today and share a simple little tablescape I put together for the occasion with you all.
I never used to be all that big into Easter, but in recent years it has been growing on me. I just love the newness of the Spring season, and I think Easter has become a time that really emphasizes that feeling for me. Up here in Canada, we typically still have snow around this time (there is especially a lot this year), so there isn’t really anything externally that draws us to feeling that change in season. I think holidays can often give you that kind of marker, in the same way Thanksgiving does for autumn, and Christmas does for winter, so Easter has kind of become my sign that spring is officially here!

I feel like some of you will be proud of me, because I actually used (minimal, soft toned, and barely there) colour for this table set up! I know you’ll probably laugh at that, because the “colour” is barely distinguishable from neutrals, but to my eyes it is SO there! Haha. I guess the idea of spring, and Easter with all it’s pastels, got me in the mood to branch out from my usual comfort zone of white on white on neutral.



For my base I used a white tablecloth (surprise, surprise), and then layered on a white and navy striped (see… blue!) table runner for some dimension and interest.

Then for the place settings, I chose plates with varying simple details on them. In between those I used these stone-washed cloth napkins with white fringe I found the other day. I love the very soft blue tones coming into this space for some Easter & spring festive-ness.




My flatware is this lovely brushed gold set that is a staple for me lately with my tablescapes. I also used it for my Valentine’s Day table set up back in February. I found the gold-rimmed tumblers the other day, and thought they would be a fun way to carry in that little bit of gold to match the flatware.




Then for my centre feature for the tablescape, I used a faux arrangement of florals I threw together. I tried to bring in that touch of Easter colours with the couple of soft pink-peach ranunculus, but then kept the rest of the florals white, and added greenery to compliment and finish it off.





My couple of final touches were these vanilla cupcakes that I added some little eggs onto, to carry through the Easter theme (and see, there is pink in there!), and this sweet bunny figurine. Then a couple of gold candlesticks because, why not?





I think that it all feels festive, but without going too over the top for someone like me who appreciates soft tones and simplicity. What do you think?



I sincerely hope that this tablescape brought you a little bit of Easter joy, as it did me, and that it gave you some ideas for your own table, as you prepare to welcome family and friends into your home for the holiday.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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