Oh autumn, my absolute favourite season overall. I know this strays a bit from the norm, but I am someone who really doesn’t feel sad to see summer leave, and to welcome the beginnings of the season changing to fall. I’m not one for super hot weather – good thing I live in Canada – so after a couple of weeks of scorching temperatures and sun, I feel overjoyed when we finally get that cooler weather front rolling in, like we have had this week. I asked my husband the forecast yesterday, and without skipping a beat he said, “It’s about 12 degrees (53 F) and overcast, so perfect for you outside.” He knows me so well! Seriously, give me all the gloomy skies and crisp autumn air. It’s absolutely perfect for lighting candles all over the house, listening to soft music, and cozying up in my reading chair with a cup of tea and fuzzy socks. This is why autumn is also my favourite season to transition to for decor (aside from maybe Christmas!) – I tend to feel more inspired. I find it is nice to freshen up the place for spring after a long winter, but then typically my summer decor stays fairly similar and minimal, and I find I am generally not as motivated or inspired to change much in that regard for a few months. However with the fall weather it’s like I feel refreshed, so I often do a full decor overhaul at that time, and really find the fun and joy in changing everything up again! This is why I am excited this year, after a months long hiatus, to welcome you into my living room all decorated for the autumn season.


Our home has definitely seen a lot of transition over the years. Not only in having moved houses entirely last year, but also in terms of overall style. When I began this blog about 4 or 5 years ago in our little apartment, I was all about the rustic farmhouse look. Then at some point I moved from that towards a more modern farmhouse theme – think Joanna Gaines circa season 3 and 4 of Fixer Upper. Now, over the past couple of years, I would say that my style has really transformed into a more classic, clean, and modern feel, and to be honest I think that is here to stay – at least for quite awhile! I love pieces, colours, and textures to remain bright and simple, and my decor to be more of a pretty accent, rather than being the main focus or overly cluttered. I found that when I was more farmhouse/rustic themed, it was very easy to see each season come into the home, for example for fall, I would go all out with pumpkins, apples, fall coloured foliage, mason jars, and all of that stuff. When I began to keep things a lot more minimal, I found I was presented with a bit more of a challenge, upfront at least, when it came to feeling as thought I could really bring the true feeling of a season into my home, with everything being so much more subtle. This was tricky for me at first, but now that I have grown into this style over the past year or two and have really found myself in it, I have learned to embrace the simplicity of it all, and I can still feel the newness of each season in our home through my decor.




This year, I mostly used the same items I already had out on display, and simply moved them around a little bit so things would feel new and different, but still have the congruency of the usual style I like to see in our home. I changed around my textiles – pillows and blankets – to feel a little cozier for fall, replaced some greenery to be more seasonally appropriate, and chose to use new fall scented candles in subtle copper tones for some accent pieces.



For autumn foliage, I like to use both eucalyptus and aspen leaf stems. They keep things neutral, while bringing in the feelings of fall – especially the aspen, with the slight golden hues pulling through the green. You can also see I have some lovely new pillows on the couch. I used grey-brown wool textured pillows as a base to bring in some autumn coziness, and then layered them with lighter accent pillows to keep things bright. You can find the white floral/leaf embossed one here, and the subtle grey striped one here.



I am really loving the subtle copper mercury glass for this season. The jewel tones add a bit of warmth for fall, without having too much colour (for my neutral-loving soul). They also smell super yummy! These two are heirloom pumpkin scented. I picked them up at my local HomeSense. (This is my fave set I have seen online, and I found another pretty one here.)




This lovely fall watercolour I put into my frame I found as a free download from the lovely Lucy at Craftberry Bush. You can find it here.



It was fun to move this ladder over here and layer on some blankets. When the weather turns, you need a good cozy blanket around to help keep warm! Just so you all know, I have tried to link as many of my direct sources as possible at the bottom of this post, so if there is something that jumps out at you that you just have to have, it or something similar should be there! And if not, feel free to drop me a line and I will try to let you know where I found it.


I also couldn’t pass up showing this cutie sneaking into one of my photos..




That’s my fall living room tour for this year! I hope that you enjoyed. Tell me, what are some of your favourite aspects of the autumn season? I would love to hear what you love about it, or some of your favourite memories that you tend to reflect on during this time. And be sure to stop by the other ladies’ homes – links at the bottom of the post!
I hope that this season you are inspired to find warmth and peace in your home, and the comfort that exists within.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Autumn Living Room

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15 thoughts on “AUTUMN LIVING ROOM

    1. Thank you so much, Marci! You are so kind! It’s always such a joy to be on this joyful home tour with you 😊


      1. We are kindred spirits then! Fall is just the best 😊 Thank you for your kind words, Lisa!


  1. Rachel! Your home is gorgeous! The pops of eucalyptus here and there are just perfect! I have a sense of calm just looking at your space! Well done girl!


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