It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
That’s one of my favourite first songs to play when I put on some Christmas music at the start of the season. It just throws you right into the spirit, no easing into it, which is kind of how I do things when it comes to this time of year. All of a sudden I just have the need for everything to feel Christmas-y, and I can’t stop until it’s done! I often have the concept in my mind that I will decorate slowly, and take things one area at a time, but when it comes down to it I get much too excited, and can’t show much restraint. So, my husband and I usually take the full weekend at the start of November to blast the Christmas music and set the majority of Christmas up – he puts the trees up, and then while I’m fluffing and decorating them, he’ll take some eggnog (and rum) and his pipe outside, and put the lights up on the house. That night, we will usually snuggle up with our tree lights twinkling, and watch Elf together, and start dreaming of our Christmas holidays come December.

I am happy, once again today, to be sharing my home along with some of my other blogger friends. They all have such good eyes for style, so you will get a lot of very different ideas this year for holiday decor. Everyone is linked at the bottom of this post, so be sure to find a cozy spot and spend some time checking out all of their homes!

This year with my decorating, truth be told I did not know exactly what I wanted to do as far as a theme goes. Some years the look I want is right there in my mind, and then I can pull it together quite easily. Other times, like this year, I struggle a bit more.
As bloggers, we always want to show you something new and different, so that you don’t feel like you’re looking at the exact same photos as years previous and get bored, but in practice it can be hard to achieve when your style is the same, and of course when you have to stick to a budget and not just go out and spend thousands of dollars on a whole new Christmas set up. You have to get a little creative! Because I wanted to still keep things relatively neutral this year, but not have the same white arctic and snowy theme as last year, I decided to go with what I am calling a more “classic” direction. I don’t know if that’s a great descriptor, as there is no red involved, but I see red as more of a traditional Christmas look. My husband is a bit of an eggnog connoisseur, and with the brand he likes they have both a “traditional” flavour and a “classic” flavour, which apparently are very different haha, so that’s what I’m going with!
Today I will be showing you my living room, fireplace area, and my mudroom – so a short, but (hopefully) sweet tour – I hope you’ll join me and enjoy.


I use the same ornaments on my tree each year, as they are all neutral (white, gold, bronze, etc.) so that makes it easy to work with, and then I will change up other things in order to accent different themes. Last year I had puffy pom-pom garlands in my trees, that were like snowballs – to go with the snowy Arctic theme – whereas this year I used this gold leaf garland mixed with a subtle round wood bead garland to make things feel slightly more traditional, er, I mean, classic. I guess that does get confusing!


I also accented a few more of the gold and bronze ornaments I have this year, whereas last year I focussed on more of the white ones.



This handsome guy decided to pose for a photo, so I had to snap a pic of him!


For my couch, I found these emerald green velvet pillows, which I thought brought in the perfect classic Christmas look, and layered them with some of my white pillows to keep it bright.



For my foliage around the house, I mixed both frosted and regular faux cedar branches, as well as some silver dollar eucalyptus. This created a nice wintery feel that I am really enjoying this season.


I also added some Christmas hymn sheet music to this gold folding frame to add to my classic/vintage look.



To keep with a classic look, for some of my accents I used some navy velvet ribbon, as well as some other silky cream coloured ribbons, for my packaging and other details throughout my decor.





Over the fireplace, I used a faux pre-lit flocked garland that I had found and used on it’s own last year. Then I picked up a bundle of fresh-cut cedar at a my local grocery store for cheap, and just snipped branches off and stuck them into the base garland. I found this created a new and different look from last year, and I feel cedar goes well with that vintagey/classic feel that I wanted to achieve. Another reason I like it, is it’s quite cheap, and I find it to be much less messy to work with than spruce and pine are. In a couple of weeks once it’s all dried up, it will be super easy for me to pull out and replace without too much hassle! Any time I have worked with fresh spruce, once it’s drying out if someone so much as creates a bit of a breeze as they walk by it, all the needles fall off! I’ve done it a few holiday seasons before and have just decided I don’t have the energy to waste on all that!




I always bring in a bunch more throw blankets to add coziness and warmth to a room for the winter season. It was also fun to use these brass bells I found this year over my blanket ladder. For me, Christmas really is about adding in pieces that keep things simple, while still lending strong holiday vibes to any room in our home.




Now for a look at our mudroom. I generally keep the decor in here fairly simple, as it isn’t a large space and still needs to be functional. The main updates I make will be to add more scarves and mittens in here, and change up the jackets I hang on the hooks to winter ones. Additionally, I have to have a supply of boots that are ready to take on the snow and ice of our Canadian winters – I’ve been using these wellies of mine at all of the Christmas markets we go to this season, and they have been the perfect thing to protect me from all of the muck while we are walking around!


I found these faux garlands online and didn’t even hesitate to grab them this year. I knew I wanted something to bring even more Christmas cheer into our main spaces, and having them hanging over the entry to our mudroom has added the perfect holiday feel to this area of our home.


I used my same silver bells as last year over here, I think they are such a great simple touch for the season.
Also, I don’t know if my other blogger friends have the same issues I do at times, but I will often style an area a certain way, and partway through my photos I want to change some things. Anyways, that’s what happened over here with some photos having my twinkle lights, and some without. I added them last minute and then lost my good lighting!


While I was in the middle of styling, little Willow wanted to come have a look at all the new things going on over here, so again, naturally I had to snap a photo!





This brings us to the end of my Classic Christmas Home Tour for this season. I know I didn’t show as many different areas as last year, but I am planning to bring you another blog post in the coming weeks of a few other spaces styled for the season!
If you were interested in anything in this post, I tried to link as many products (or similar) as possible at the bottom of this post. And in the mean time, click on through to see the rest of the Christmas home tours put together by some of my talented blogging friends!
I hope that you were able to find some inspiration for your own Christmas decorating for this year. Amidst all of the busyness, and sometimes hectic days of this season, I pray that you are able to pause and reflect on what you are grateful for, and that you find so much joy in all of the little moments this season brings to you and your family. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Thank you so much, Laura! I really appreciate that! I love being on this home tour series with you each season.


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