Welcome back to my home for more Christmas festivities! Today I thought I would share with you how I have styled my kitchen for the season.
For so many people, the kitchen really is the heart of the home. We spend so much time in here making meals, baking, washing dishes, and sitting on a stool and chatting at the end of the day while doing all of these things. And for us, our kitchen literally is in the centre of our home. We see it from the dining room while sharing meals, the living room while sitting and relaxing, when walking down the hallway, and when coming down the stairs in the morning to start the day. Because of all of these reasons, I always want to bring Christmas decor into the kitchen as well, so I can feel the spirit of the season wherever I am in our home.

With setting up some of my Christmas decor so far in other rooms, I have made a few choices that are slightly less neutral than last year (what I typically go for all the time), and I have enjoyed the festive feel it has brought to our holiday home so much, that I decided to go for even more of it in our kitchen. It still isn’t too colourful , as it’s baby steps for me in that regard, but adding a few natural touches that have some traditional holiday colours has been really fun for me!



Pomegranates are a classic Christmas season fruit, so I thought I would keep some handy on the counter. Along with a few shortbread cookies that my husband has been munching up.




Last year I made these gingerbread houses, and I decided to store them (so, no one try to take a bite, as you probably will not enjoy it!), and use them again this year. I just feel like gingerbread houses are classic, and nostalgic, at Christmas time, so having them in the kitchen is a must for me.


I had some fresh cedar left over from creating my garlands (that you can see here on my fireplace in my post from last week), so I decided to use that up in my kitchen styling as well.



Troy and I were laughing this week over how obsessed Oliver seemed to be with the shortbread cookies. We had to monitor him extra closely while they were on the counter. As you can see, he looks to be pleading with me about getting to eat one.


This new wreath above my hood vent is faux, and I absolutely love it! It matches the garland over my mudroom this year as well. Unfortunately, I can’t link the direct one for you, but I have tried to link a few similar ones at the end of this post!




This little cutie decided to have a lay down amongst the blanket I threw over the stool. I can’t not take a photo of the kitties here or there when I see them doing something sweet.



I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my kitchen decorated for the holiday season. I can’t wait to make some (paleo) shortbread cookies, have mulled wine, join in gatherings with friends and family with appetizers and drinks, make my classic Christmas morning “wife-saver” recipe (from my grandma, that I have now altered to be paleo), and so many more traditions we have involving our kitchen at Christmas time. This time of year really is about the memories you make with those you love, while being grateful for the reason for the season, and I pray you are all able to make great ones this year in your homes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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