Well friends, we are just under two weeks away from the big day! Can you believe it? I shared on my Instagram the other day that as excited as I am, I also want the time to slow way down, so that I can continue savouring this season for awhile longer. Christmas always seems to be one of those things that both can’t come soon enough, and in the same breath you don’t want to be here quite yet, so that it’s all over. This is my dilemma every year at least, which is why, generally speaking, our tree and other decor stays up until New Year’s. I am so thankful that every year my husband gets to take off work from Christmas to New Year’s, so that while we are busy with gatherings, seeing family and good friends, we still also have plenty of time to relax together, so it isn’t too much of a whirlwind. And this way, we can always pretend it’s Christmas the entire time, rather than just one day.

I am excited today, because I am sharing with you our master bedroom all decorated for Christmas! Not only that, this is the first time you have ever had a glimpse into this room since we moved in over a year and a half ago. It has taken me quite awhile to settle on artwork and a few other choices, and I have a lot of other plans come the new year for revamping this space, however I thought, even though there are many updates I want to make, that with this room being decked out for the holidays, it was finally time to show you! So, pull up a chair and a cozy blanket, and come join me on my Christmas bedroom tour.




I decided to keep things quite simple and bright in here, so that it remained both peaceful and liveable for us. As always with my decorating, I generally keep most of my foundation the same, and just switch out accents. In this room, I changed up my smaller decor pieces, as well as some of the wall art – including this DIY over bed piece!



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This was quite simple to make. My father-in-law built the frame for me, and then I gave it a very light stain wash. After that, I hung these geometric gold stars from it with some fishing line, and then (also using fishing line) attached this mixed faux garland over the frame. Then my husband helped me with hanging it over the bed (i.e. he completely hung it for me, lol). I don’t know what I would do without the handy men in my life! No one else would put up with my crazy projects.


This bright white, and dark, velvety emerald green, is my favourite textile combo for this season. I also used the same type of pillows on our couches in the living room as well. The velvet and green feels like a classic Christmas style to me.


Keeping things light and bright on our nightstands has been so refreshing this season. And I always love having fresh touches in the room, like this bit of cedar I had leftover from my kitchen styling last week. Also, I discovered this little mercury glass tree actually has a battery box on the underside so that it can light up… after my photoshoot, haha. It looks quite pretty at night!




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The artwork over on this wall by the window is actually something I copied from my friend Katie at Halfway Wholeistic, and the frames usually have some watercolour landscapes in them the rest of the year. I decided to switch those out for these cute prints I found, so that everything in the room feels cohesive with the Christmas season.


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This is a custom sign a friend made for me that we just got a few months ago. I have loved the feel it has brought into the space, and the verse is a great reminder to see in the mornings. Our house number is 143, so when we were planning to move in my husband and I looked up Psalm 143 and really liked this verse, so we chose to have it as a custom piece made for our home. And, of course, anything biblical ties in with the reason for the season.



For me, those warm white lights are the epitome of what feels Christmas-y, so I always love adding these little light strands on various surfaces around our home during the holidays. Having bowls of ornaments here and there is a great, simple touch that feels seasonal as well!



If you caught my living room tour a couple of weeks ago, you can can see that I used a lot of the same foliage around the home – mixing regular cedar, silver dollar eucalyptus, and frosted cedar, to create a wintery arrangement.


As you can see ^, one of my little kitties was sleepy and curled up on the bed mid-photo session. I was trying to keep her out of my props all morning so at this point I felt bad, gave up, and just let her stay there, haha.



Bringing Christmas into this room has been so heartwarming for me this year. Last year, things weren’t nearly as complete – nothing was on the walls yet, we had lamps I didn’t like, no rug, and just not a lot going on. I like waking up on Christmas morning to the lights and decorations right away! This year I am excited to have some twinkling lights and other touches that feel in alignment with the rest of my holiday decor this year, right in our bedroom.



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I am so happy that you were able to come and visit our Christmas bedroom today. Hopefully you enjoyed, and perhaps maybe feel inspired to bring some Christmas cheer into a room in your home you typically hadn’t, like I did this year!

This will likely be my last post until the New Year, so I pray that you have the most wonderful Christmas season; that you’re able to spend plentiful time with those you love, and that you find so much joy in all of the little moments this season brings to you and your family. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. I jumped when I read about Psalm 43!!! Just yesterday,I came across that verse as I was reading in my Bible,and it struck me in a very personal way…so , I got my writing tablet out,(I still love to write everything down n make lists,etc),and re wrote every verse in a personal prayer-it was very therapeutic,and I was again reading it this morning!God bless you and your family in all things!!


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