Hi there, all! Well, we are officially into the autumn season by a couple of days, and I am finally able to embrace it fully. I personally do so as soon as August comes to a close, however it’s now more socially acceptable, haha.
This past Sunday afternoon, my husband and I went on a lovely drive together in the countryside near our home. Here, the third weekend of September is historically the weekend where many of the leaves have changed colour, but most of them are still fluttering brightly on the trees. We are also usually gifted with a spotlessly sunny and blue sky, and this combination creates a beautiful mosaic of autumn colours over the landscape. This is something I have taken note of over the past 6 or 7 years, so we always make a point to get out at least one of the afternoons that weekend to soak in the season. Troy and I have a specific spot we visit, where a grouping of immense trees have begun showering down their leaves, creating a vast area to enjoy the crunch beneath your feet as you walk along the path. You may have seen this in my Instagram stories on Sunday! As I stepped out of the vehicle when we arrived there, I was greeted with the most glorious scent of fallen autumn leaves in the grass, and fresh country air. The combination was intoxicating, and I struggled to want to leave. It is a novelty I anticipate each year, and it fills me with a childlike joy that so many of us seek.

Today, I thought I would share a short little blog post – just a couple photos – with you of my recent entryway decor. It took me a long time to put this entryway together, as I mentioned in my front entryway plans post at the start of the year, this is quite the tricky area! Being that it is right next to our stairs, and there isn’t much clearance space from the front of the house to the foot of the stairs, I needed something very narrow. I searched high and low for the right console table, as I wanted something that matched my style, was narrow enough, and was not too short. This criteria proved to be quite the challenge. In particular, with something being narrow, it can only be so tall before it becomes unstable, so most narrow tables I came across were quite short, and I just wasn’t liking that look. After months of searching around online and in stores, this one was released, and I had finally found something to complete the space! I had this round, gold mirror stored for a very long time, and so once we got the table in, we were able to hang the mirror, I threw some simple decor on top, and this big blank wall finally had character, and brought some warmth to our entryway.



Because the table itself is narrow, and not very long, it makes decorating it very simple. As with most areas of my home, I start with height, like this white ceramic vase paired with some faux eucalyptus, and then add in other elements and layers. This artwork is a piece I originally found through my friend Katie over at Halfway Wholeistic, but I have the Etsy link below for you. I like the bit of colour and visual interest it’s providing this season. Then I put a candle atop a white book (another classic decor move I use, haha), some pottery, wood beads, and it was all done.

I deliberated for a long time about how high to hang this mirror. I think some decor experts would still claim it’s a bit too high, however given the table is only 30 inches tall, and this is quite a large wall space, I found when it was any lower everything began to feel kind of squished down together, if that makes sense. Thus, this had to be a bit of a design compromise, and when walking by the area, it feels perfect to me!




It has been fun for me this season to shop my home for decor in order to re-style spaces in our home. I purchased a new pillow cover a couple of weeks ago that you may have seen on Instagram, and a couple stems of new faux foliage just last week that I’m still experimenting with, but aside from those items I have been able to use what I have on hand to refresh our home for the new season, and that is a great feeling! Sometimes the best decor is the most simple and least expensive, don’t you think?

My aim is to design a home that feels classic and cozy; A place that is bright and beautiful, as well as comfortable and warm. This is the way in which I feel my home can be a place in this world of rest and reprieve, and can nurture our souls. My hope is to accomplish that, and to inspire others in their journey to do the same.

Let me know what you think of my simple entryway decor for this season! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by today, friends.

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    1. Hi Mal,
      Apologies, I have had to make adjustments to my site and some of my links are not operating the same anymore.
      The mirror used here is from Target, but I had linked a few different round gold mirror options. This one is 28 inches, and here is the direct link:
      The option from West Elm I actually have in my living room, and I like it even more. That one is 30 inches. Here is the link for that (unfortunately I can only link the US one):
      I hope this helps!


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