The seasons are changing quickly here, and it causes a stirring in me. It’s always about this time of year where I find myself in eager anticipation of the holidays, yet I try my hand at steady patience – to have myself wait a little while longer, lest I overlook the joys possible during this particular stretch of autumn; The time where the days are still long enough, and warm enough, to enjoy an evening walk, breathing crisp air as the very last of the departed leaves flutter to nature’s floor. When the hours remain readily open, and we may savour the time given to us by filling them slowly and deliberately, prior to each moment brimming with activity and excitement by the very essence of the season. Where upon looking outside, we are greeted with a lovely burnt colour palette and the radiant glow of the sun, before the cold suppresses nature into latency and whiteness. It’s a time of looking ahead with elation, and a tangible lightness to my heart, before ultimately wishing time would just slow down and hold us longer in the holiday moments we cherish most. Ah yes, I think late autumn is truly full of all kinds of beauty.

I thought it would be a nice time to share with you some photos of my living and sitting rooms this autumn season, before we get into all of the Christmas content for the year. I am choosing to slow down and embrace this passage between now and the holidays for all that it is, and I hope you’ll join me!



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Simplicity in decor is something I always strive for. I yearn for my spaces to feel cozy, collected, and pretty, without there ever being a sense of too much going on. It can be a fine line to walk when bringing in seasonal items, but I am learning how to do this better each and every day.




For me, I find I am best able to achieve this blend when I focus on textures, colours and foliage. I always use those three things as my foundation to create a cohesive home. For fall, I like to bring in cozier blankets and darker pillows for more depth and character. The last couple of years I have been using these aspen stems to have things remain neutral, but still bring in a more transitional autumn feel.

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It can be fun, however, to add a little pop of something more seasonal. As I mentioned, I prefer simplicity and I don’t like things to feel overly themed, if that makes sense. In my sitting/reading room, I was able to strike this balance with these white ceramic acorns on my console table. Neutral, but definitely exudes a touch of autumn.

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I so enjoy being able to set my hands to beautifying our home in various ways, as we experience seasonal changeover and newness throughout the year. These are my favourite rooms in our home, no doubt because they hold cozy spots to sit and read, and find rest. Because of this, I try to cultivate these spaces to evoke a sense of contentedness and peace. If you’re interested, you’ll find items you see here that you may like, or something close, at the bottom of the post.

What does this time of year look like for you? Do you anticipate Christmas decor in the way that I do, but try to slow down and embrace the current season? Do you let yourself fall completely into the holidays, and have your tree up by Halloween? Or are you happy to let autumn linger for a long while? Let me know below!

Thanks for stopping by,



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