In partnership with Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centre

Hello, friends! With springtime here, it has been lovely to resume some of the things I enjoy doing, like taking evening walks with my husband, and spending some time sitting on my porch if the day is nice enough. And with summer right around the corner, I am now excited to live it up in our backyard.

For the first two summers in our little home, we didn’t have any type of outdoor living space. Because I am very much a homebody and prefer being close to my daily comforts, as well as being someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy the heat, this meant I did not spend much time outdoors at all. With this being the case, I had a vision in my mind that one day we could make our outdoor area feel like an extension of our home, and with the help of Blue Grass Garden Centre, I was able to have this come to fruition!

Not long after moving into this home of ours, Troy and I would sit at our table and draw up little plans together of how we could make our new backyard both look nice, and feel like a functional space where we could enjoy the fresh air. Continue reading “BACKYARD GARDEN & LIVING SPACE”