On a day around the last week of August when I step outside, I can feel it – a nearly imperceptible shift in the air. Something known by heart; The transition coming. Standing on the precipice of a season holding shadowy depths veiled just behind sunshine, of which my soul longs to drink. The autumnal breeze catching me, and then surrounding me. My mood settling into the richness the season will offer, a tune which buoys my creative heart. Welcome, September.

At the start of this year, I had set out with the intention of embarking on a couple of projects in our home that we have been wanting to work on for some time. One of which was a master bedroom update. While we still have a bit of a ways to go, I thought I would share with you what it is looking like today, and the updates we have made thus far.

IMG_8886 2-4.jpg

With any design project, I begin by creating a vision board using PowerPoint (no fancy software over here). Setting out a design in this way, I find really helps me to have that visual of how things will look all together, once you create whatever your project is. I even do this when it comes to little nooks and corners of our home, just so I can have a good grasp on what the end result will look like, and I then make the determinations on what I will purchase and create in order to achieve the vision.

Our board and batten wall was made by my husband, his dad and brother. We are so thankful to have craftsmen in our family to help bring our creative visions to life!
Other updates outside of that include the wall sconces, bed (headboard & frame), artwork, bedding, and some throw pillows.
I am still working on getting in a new rug, nightstands, curtains and chandelier. It will be nice to have this full wrapped up, but overall it already feels like an entirely new space, with a good balance of brightness, and coziness.

I wanted to ensure this space was cohesive within our home, and also balanced masculine and feminine well, to work as a respite for both my husband and myself. Additionally, I hoped to achieve an organic and natural feel, so I utilized textures like linen and cotton, as well as a neutral colour palette to create a calm and inviting space – signifying the peace that should be present in a restful place such as one’s bedroom.

IMG_8831 2-5

I would love to continue to update you once I have found the other items for this room, but for now I hope that you enjoy the changes we have made.
I am of course looking forward to bringing in even more warmth to our room for the encroaching autumn season. In the meantime, I have been enjoying sharing my daily life over on Instagram a little more with you lately – baking buns, making apple pie filling, cooking warmer delights like soups and chilis, creating autumn Spotify playlists, working on some found pottery/earthenware DIYS from thrifted items, and generally homemaking in our little place together.
I hope to see you there, and thanks for stopping by today!

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