About Me

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Hi there.

My name is Rachel, and my husband and I reside in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I absolutely love home interiors and design, and am continually working to create a simple and cozy home that we can live and love in.

I am a homemaker, and feel so thankful each day that I am able to live this life. I am growing in what this means for myself and for my family, and striving each day to walk that out.
I truly believe it is important that our homes are a place in the world where we can find peace – reprieve and rest for our souls – and I hope to create an environment, both in my home and in myself, that nurtures the soul in this way.

My interior decorating style has seen a few transitions over the years, but overall my aim is to design a home that feels classic and cozy. A place that is both bright and beautiful, as well as comfortable and warm. I hope that is reflected here as well.

Along with decorating and design, I enjoy being in the kitchen cooking & baking, or crafting up new recipes. When I have free time, you can almost always find me reading, as I am a lover of literature. I am a self-learner on the topics of homemaking, cultivating femininity, philosophy, and how these things work into our lives. I have a passion for writing, and love using my blog to communicate my thoughts, and hopefully inspiration, in this manner. With this in mind, I occasionally share other snippets of things I create, my life, and that which occurs within.

This journey called life has brought me many things to be thankful for, and I hope to be able to share that with those who choose to stop by.

Thanks so much for visiting me at The Porch Light Cottage.

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