Hello everyone, and happy March!
Well, it seems like the groundhog got it right this year, as where I live we continue to have so much snow, and it is still quite cold out most days. We even have another blizzard blowing through right as I sit here and write this! However, we did have some sunshine yesterday, so I am holding out hope that spring is not too far around the corner. Though I personally don’t mind the cooler temperatures, I always enjoy being able to freshen things up around our home for a new season. Spring is often where I tend to spend more time really assessing my decor, and how I want to bring our home out of those winter days, and into the newness that would mirror nature and it’s arrival of new life during this season. Continue reading “SIMPLE SPRING HOME STYLING”


Hi friends. I hope you have had a great March so far! My month has been quite full. The kind of full that comes from seeing a lot of friends and spending time with family, (and perhaps having more random appointments than usual too, haha). It has been so great to connect with so many people lately. And it’s still going!

I wanted to come and post on this Good Friday to share a few spring-looking photos from our main living space and bedroom, and also to talk about how I sometimes  Continue reading “FRESH FOR SPRING”