Christmas is fast approaching, only a week away! I am so looking forward to the time I will spend with my husband and my family. Christmas movies, delicious food and drink, a slower pace than the every day – to just enjoy the moments… perfect.
I am sure most of us are still busy running around for last minute details, as well as gathering gifts for family and friends, so I thought it would be a great time to share a few different ways that I have wrapped my presents this year, in case you are in need of some ideas for yourself.
I absolutely love wrapping gifts. I think it is because the love language of “gifts” (for those familiar with the 5 love languages) is just about top of the list for me. So, giving gifts in my relationship with my husband is a way that I want to express love to him. It’s more that I want him to know I think of him and adore him than it is to do with the material piece of it. So because of that I tend to go a bit over the top at Christmas (while still within budget, of course) and end up having a bunch of gifts for him under the tree. When I look forward to the gift exchange time between the two of us on Christmas morning, I become far more excited at the thought of him opening his gifts than I even am to receive gifts for myself (though I do still like getting gifts, who doesn’t, haha). Anyway, I have fun wrapping each gift with care, both for him and for others in my family, and somehow never seem to tire of it no matter how long it takes me!

My favourite base to use for my gift wrapping is brown kraft paper. It really goes with anything that you want to layer on top of it.


I love simple details for wrapping. For this gift I purchased both of the different plaid patterned ribbons, as well as the silver bells at Michaels on sale. Layering different ribbons or fabrics with similar colour schemes is a great way to create a festive package.


Using fresh greenery on gifts is another favourite of mine at Christmas. This string is a butcher-style twine. I got that at Shoppers Drug Mart, but I am sure could be found at craft stores as well. Adding a little tag that goes with your wrapping theme is a nice finishing touch.


More fresh greenery and cute Christmas tags! For this gift I used twine wrapped around a couple of times and tied in a bow.


Layering a ribbon you like to use along with either raffia that matches, or some twine, is another way to create layers.


Pinecones and greenery combined create a nice, natural look to your gifts. This is probably my favourite way to wrap. I just use a hot glue gun to attach the pinecones and greenery how I want them to line up on the gift.


And for these cute tiny gifts, I did a combination of a couple of the styles above. I love the silver bells! The great thing about wrapping with kraft paper and then using similar colour schemes and natural textures, is that you can really mix and match just about anything and it will all look cute.


Thanks for checking out my gift wrapping styles! I hope this post gave you some ideas or inspiration for your Christmas gifts this year. I would love to hear what you thought, or even to see some ways in which you like wrapping in the comments below.

Well everyone, this might be my last post for the year. I will be taking a break over the holidays to spend as much time as possible with my husband, family and friends. As much as I do love giving gifts at Christmas and setting up my house all pretty and festive, for us the season is really about the gift of Jesus Christ, and being grateful for all He has given to us in those that we love. That’s what we will be celebrating during this time.
I am praying that everyone has the most wonderful Christmas and holiday season, that you have time to reflect on what you love about your life, and give thanks for those things. Merry Christmas, and thanks for stopping by!

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage




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