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It’s a lazy Sunday here at our household. We’re staying indoors because it is a particularly dreary day outside. My husband made me some delicious French toast this morning (my breakfast favorite), and I made myself a yummy pumpkin spice latte to enjoy the last few days of fall. Up here in Calgary, Alberta, fall is a very short season, usually lasting around a month (sometimes at best), before it starts to snow! We actually already had a 2 day snowstorm in September, which is pretty rare. Luckily we were on a road trip through beautiful British Columbia near the coast and missed it! Anyways, today I thought I would do a quick blog post to show you a little corner set up in our house.


Because we are living in a condo, there isn’t a ton of space to set nice things up, so when we try to do what we can with a small space and it turns out functional as well as pretty, I get really excited! The counter on the left is a wall mounted island off of our super small kitchen, and the door to the right goes into our master bedroom. So overall this space is one of those places that when you first look at it, you sort of scratch your head with what the heck can be done so that it isn’t just a plain open wall. After a few months of being in this place and having just a single full length mirror there, I knew something more could be done with the space, and this is what I came up with!


When I was first looking for ideas of what to set up in this area, I went over to Home Sense and came across this bench. I knew as soon as I layed eyes on it that it would be perfect! It was really inexpensive too. I also got the mirror at the same spot (pictured in the photo before this one) for around $50.


I love layering throw pillows on this bench. The one behind is from Crate and Barrel, and the one in front I got on sale from Urban Barn last year. I’m always drawn to neutral colors, which ends up working out because then I can throw most of the pillows I have anywhere throughout our place and it always seems to work. This blanket you may have seen in my first post on our cozy couch, but lately I have had it over here on the bench for a cozy fall feel.


I love how the colour tone of the blanket goes with the lantern that I’ve set up here. I’ve mentioned in previous posts about a few pieces that I’ve found from a lady in Okotoks who collects things from old farm fields as well as antique places and such. This is also where I found this lantern for a great deal! I think the dent in it adds a little character, and love the colour of it. I love congruency throughout my house when it comes to colours, so my eyes are always happy when everything is matchy-matchy, haha.


My husband and I often use this place to take a seat and chat with the other while cooking or dishes are being done (depending on whose turn it is, haha). I also use it daily to sit on while lacing up my running shoes. It is a well loved little space in our place.

Thanks for stopping by The Porch Light Cottage today and checking out my cute little bench corner!

— Rachel, at The Porch Light Cottage

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